Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black

Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black
Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black

Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black

Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black / Silver. 22 channels with 28 extra channels for GMRS. Rugged, weatherproof case is capable of withstanding harsh environments.

Provides a range of up to 36 miles to handle most adventures. 387 privacy codes provide up to 5560 channel options to block conversations. Backlit LCD is easy to read day or night.

Weather scan finds NOAA broadcast. Vibrating alert for silent notification. The GXT1000VP4 GMRS walkie talkie is a powerful and consistent choice for your radio communication needs.

The GXT1000VP4 features X-TRA TALK Power the maximum allowed by law with Xtreme Range Technology. Featuring Midlands signature NOAA Weather Scan + Alert Technology, this radio will automatically scan through 10 available weather (WX) band channels and will lock onto the strongest weather channel to alert you of severe weather updates. Along with two radios, this kit includes two rechargeable battery packs, AC/DC adapters, and pair of boom mic headsets.

Whether you are camping, hiking, or overlanding, make sure you are keeping in touch with friends and family with the GXT1000VP4 two way radio. Features: Auto Squelch, Silent Operation, Hands-free, Keypad Lock. Assembled Product Weight: 0.3 lbs. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.50 x 2.40 x 7.90 Inches.

Covered good, look's great! Belong to Corvette Club, we all have them when we travel together to make sure we all travel together. This was a Christmas gift for my husband. He likes the way they work and we will try them on our trip to South America. Vor 1 Jahr in NY gekauft und nutze die 2Way fast t?

A must have for a solo traveler or a group! Pros: Easy to charge wherever you might be with both AC and DC chargers. SOS & NOAA Weather features Battery comes fully charged straight out of the box. Lengthy battery lifeCons: Signal can be a bit hindered by terrain and you lose some of the 30 miles you are told you have for communication. I will say that before I hit the road I did a few tests on the equipment to make sure I fully understood the features.

The communication from radio to radio was crisp in my tests up to 10 miles. Although I will say that after that distance I did have a little struggle. I feel like after reading the materials that it had a lot to do with the tree coverage in our area and my lack of previous experience in use to troubleshoot. With this particular trip I took both radios with me because I would be later meeting a friend along the way, but for this campsite I was most interested in using the radio for its NOAA weather alert feature. Recently, in Arkansas there have been a lot of flash floods in remote areas such as the one in which I was staying.

These particular Midland Radios are ideal for allowing you to know when one of these is coming your way so you can seek shelter immediately. I scanned several times through the 10 NOAA stations and it did in fact pay off just before bedtime when I was warned of a severe storm which would be passing through.

I usually have a tool or some kind or a knife, but adding the Midland Radio to that for its SOS Alert was a perfect way to make me feel a bit more secure in my travel. The alert is a loud substation noise which can be heard for quite a distance when you simply press and hold down the SOS button located on the front face plate of the radio.

I was a little worried about the battery life of the radio and leaving it on for the duration of an evening to feel secure. I fully tested the battery life when camping at Lenox Marcus, turning the radio on steady at approximately 8 p. And not off until 6 a. This was in addition to being turned off and on throughout the day when I would exit my car to explore sites. All in all, the Midland Two-Way GMRS Radio has made its way into my travel pack for more adventures.

The features go on and on as to how it can benefit my hikes with friends, improve my overall awareness, bring efficiency to charging through both AC and DC connections and of course provide that SOS Safety net. I would give the Midland Two-Way GMRS Radio 5 stars! Great radio's so far i have talked about 10 miles over rough country. It's always loud and clear.

Thinking about getting a 2nd pair, it your thinking of getting a set of radio's this would be a good choice. Amazing feature filled long range Walkie Talkie. These walkie talkies and their headsets are wonderful. The transmit audio was robust and loud, in my video I barely have the volume turned up at all. Whisper mode was interesting, as it really amplified quiet'whispered'. I got over 8 hours of use on a full charge, and they seemed to charge pretty fast on the desk charger. My main (minor) complaint is that you have to use the charging base with the proprietary adapter plugs, either the wall or car. It would be nice if you could charge the radios directly with a micro USB so there is one less charger to pack. Some glaring advantages over other brands: (1) They cost less; and (2) Once you figure them out they are an absolute no-brainer to use. They have the simplest buttons and menu/interface plus the nicest large display characters of any of the inexpensive radios I know of. Mastering these units takes maybe 15 minutes reading the manual.

Read the manualThe radios are durable and well built. Not surprising, since Midland has some great commercial equipment. Needed these for staff to coordinate work effort. Sound is clear, distance is adequate, recharge feature is great.

MIDLAND TWO WAY RADIOS GXT1000P. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE MIDLAND RADIOS. I enjoy using these at craft shows. Sound is good and the ear piece is a great idea. Happy with radio, but batteries don't last long. Awesome quality This review was collected as part of a promotion.

Used these on a Boy Scout camping weekend where cell service was spotty. They were easy to link and use.

Kept leaders on top of any issues. Would recommend on rough terrain. Works great for our family ATV rides when paired with the APH2 full face helmet speaker and microphone set. Changes the ride from a mostly solitary experience to a shared family experience.

But these units have max legal transmit power and do as well as any handheld can. Reliable walkie talkie at a great price. We've been using these for our crew team for several years.

Reliable long lasting walkie talkie with great range. Very good performance and automatic weather alerts excellent. I do not know about 36 miles yet because I have not achieved line-of-sight for 36 miles yet. I can confirm that within five miles they're quite good. Used for security members in a church.

I haven't used these for the purpose intended yet, (communicating between motorcycles) but they seem to be good quality radios at a very good price. Works well for what we need.

We use them for our emergency response team when there is bad weather and we have not had any issues with them. I bought this unit for my son when we go deer hunting. One was still good, but it is nice to have a spare. I always carry extra aa batteries with me just in case. There alot of features on these walkie talkies that I thought I would never use, but I do use more features than I thought.

Small and compact is what I like. In hilly and dense forests your range will drop to about a few miles. And I like the fact I can order the battery packs online and pick them up at the store. I needed it to transmit 2 or 3 miles and it goes farther. Online ordering was very simple and delivered on time. I operate a Tour/Special Events company and have used 6 of the Midland radios to meet my needs. Though they advertise a potential 36 mile range, that is largely a myth. When in an area that the radios reach each other, they work fine.

The problem is that buildings and topography drop the distance factor BIG TIME. In areas less than 1 1/2 miles apart from each other, if there are some small hills or buildings, they won't work. In rather open areas, such as a football stadium parking lot, they work just fine.

So you get what you pay for. The type of radio I would love to have can cost a small fortune and when you need many radios, that is not practical unless you have a big line item in a budget. For the less expensive market, however, this is a good instrument. One even got dropped in the snow one year while hunting and was found 3 months later after the thaw.... Bought these radios as compliments to a set of Midlands I already own.

I would have rated 5 star except their very difficult to pair. And when I grouped them they won't communicate to my older Midland set. Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong, but I've read the instruction a couple of times and also Googled my problem.

However that said, these radios are great value, work well and will do 90% of what I want them for. The grouping will just have to wait until I can afford to replace the older ones. Midland 50 Channel 2 Way Radio GXT1000VP4 Black. Has many, many options and selections so you can customize for your needs.

Range will depend on obstructions in your path. You can add more radios as needed so that is a plus.

A great solution for 2-way comms over short distances.. I bought these primarily for an upcoming visit from my son and his family. We expected to be showing them around town but the only practical way to do that was in two vehicles and these radios performed flawlessly. As long as you have good line of sight between the radios, they do very well at long distances. But before my son and family arrived, I wanted to see how the radios handled the hills and valleys of the area around our home, which is also mostly wooded.

I left one radio with my wife and started driving through the area, but got less than a mile away when we lost contact completely. But given the trees, thick brush, hills and valleys between the house and the car, I think that's a pretty good performance. I was searching all types of websites and sales for these radios.

Then the thought occurred to check Sam's, and wow! Not only did they carry the radios, but the price was the best anywhere! I use these radios for my church safety team.

The ability to monitor two channels at once is a great feature. I can not speak to the distance you can get with them as we only use them in the building and parking area. The only drawback to them is the headset does not fit very well and you have to have the boom mic positioned just right for other radios to hear you clearly. I would highly recommend these radios.

Just might check into getting a better headset. Best walkies we have ever had! Use them for our car line and playground workers for our school. Can you hear me now? Overall these are really good radios.

The batteries last all day, from open to close. The only problem was the earpiece that comes with them are very large. I could have forgotten all the remaining items on my Grandson's Christmas list because once he opened his radios, that was it! We use them for hunting and travel and they perform better than any we ever had in this price range.

The features provide everything we need for every application. Great set of walkies for a bowling center. These are great for a bowling center. Durable for being around the machinery in the back, comes with the wired ear piece for easier communication between the counter person and the back person to make sure calls get handled in a timely fashion. Pay attention to the details of setting them up and you`ll do just fine.

The dealing with the FCC However is somewhat a hassle, But if you want good radios? They were delivered on time and I great SERVICE from WALMART.

A good complete package except the box says'Instruction manual included'. In fact there is no manual but you can download one on the Midland website. You probably will be heading over there right after opening the box and charging the 2 radios up as they are quite complicated at first. The radios look and feel durable and are rated as waterproof. The set comes complete with rechargable batteries, charging station, 110v and 12v chargers and 2 headsets for hands free use.

Once you figgure out how to set the radios to VOX then using either the built in mike or the supplied headset then hands free talking should be easy. We wanted this feature for backing up our RV and the VOX works well but the supplied headsets are about useless as the mike needs to be right in front of your mouth and they just won't stay there as the ear piece is too floppy. You can hold the mike by your mouth but then you can't steer the Rv or give hand signals to the driver. Midland GXT1000VP4 50-Channel FRS/GMRS review.

Nice radios with decent range. One radio battery seems to last longer than the other. Overall a very good set of radios. Did everything I needed in one package: headphone mic/earphone, silent mode, vibrate mode, rechargeable or AA batteries. We used for backstage and sound/light booth communication for stage production. This little system did everything we needed, and we have it for future use.

It worked perfectly through walls and upstairs/downstairs. Only used at distance of about 100 feet.

It could not have been better! We used it for 5 hours on a charge, and the batteries still showed almost full charge.

Kept AA batteries handy in case we needed them, but did not. I want to be able to communicate with family in case of natural disaster, ext.... I like these radios because they can be charged from home or car, and can accept regular AA Batteries. Tested them at home and worked fine.

It might be inexpesive but the quality is far from cheap. You will pay big bucks for this in the mall. My field crew like these and do not complain about them at all - this is a welcome change from our much more expensive units of the past.

Was hesitant on purchasing the radio, but I needed something to communicate with my hunting counterparts while in the mountains. I was extremely pleased with the reception in the mountains and deep in the ravines, draws and valleys. Even without line of sight, all three of us were able to communicate with each other. A friend of mine was using a Rhino 120 while two of us were using this set and we had absolutely no problems with connecting with the Rhino. We used the radios for 3 days straight without recharging and still had full battery power after the third day.

Was a very good investment. I highly recommend this for any outdoorsman. Midland 50 channel GMRS/FRS radio.

Have not had in use long enough to address battery life. I've had so many 2-way radios over the years and these are the best.

Everyone who is familiar with 2-way radios knows that the max range is always line of sight so if you're in the mountains don't expect ANY radio to go through a few thousand feet of solid rock. Even the best and most expensive radios need repeaters to transmit around hilly terrain. When I can't reach a radio on the other side of a hill we just relay from the next nearest radio to the farthest. The dual channel feature is great when you need to stay in touch with the 22 channel radios as well as communicate with channels 23 - 50 at the same time. Great for keeping contact with everyone when skiing.

Very good batt life with rechargeable batt packs. Wish they had built in clock, compass & light but no biggie.

Used these on a motorcycle trip and they had good reception over a long distance straight line. That shrank to about a mile in the mountains around curves but in towns you could get a few miles apart before the reception started dropping off. The headsets were a different story and I will review them under the headset review. Our top priority at Vibrant Aging, is customer service. We make every effort possible to accurately describe and depict the items.

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Walkie Talkie Set Long Range 36 Mile Radio Transceiver 50 Channel 2 Way Black

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